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MindsFull is a collection of people who bring a range of knowledge, skills and experience in Mental Health Services and digital technology with a shared vision of improving access to high quality mental health service for all.


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Mindsfull is built on lived experience and a commitment to transform mental health service through the power of digital and big data.


We believe that all people suffering from mental health problems should be able access high quality services to provide them with the support and care they need, when they need it. 


We believe that the use of non-personalized data that NHS Bodies can deliver this ambition.


We believe in the power of the MindsFull digital mental health platform; help-in-hands.


We are Mindsfull, a tech for good company with a mission to transform mental health services through the power of digital. Our Founders are passionate about improving access to mental health services and have lived experiences that has enabled them to fully understand how technology can enable positive outcomes for the growing number of people impacted by mental health. This first-hand experience, coupled with decades of working within public sector focused software houses, provides us with a perfect blend of knowledge, skills and experience to transform your mental health service provision.

Platform Founders

Graham Kavanagh


Graham co-founded MindsFull in 2020 in order to support Sarah and Benji in taking 'MindsFull' the idea into 'MindsFull' the digital mental health platform of choice!

Graham is an experienced Executive Director skilled in all areas of starting, leading and growing software businesses and brings an in-depth knowledge of technologies and organisational structures across Public Sector markets

Sarah Bundy


Sarah Founded Mindsfull in 2020 with the hope of improving the journeys of UK citizens suffering with their Mental Health. After being on her own personal journey she realised that changes were needed in this space and hoped that her vision could help.

Sarah is an experienced CEO running multiple companies, her passion is digital health technology and has experience working with the NHS and Local Government providing solutions and services to improve the landscape in digital care.

Benji Massarin


Having seen the impact Mental Health can have on those close to him, Benji Co-Founded Mindsfull in 2020 with a shared vision to help change the scape of the current digital services offered to support those suffering with Mental Health.

Benji has a wealth of experience running various companies focused around online media and digital technology as well as previously heading up finance and operations for a Mental Health Consultancy recruiting senior level practitioners globally.